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Follow Rebecca's journey through a new world.

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She has the power of mind over matter. But if she can’t move heaven and earth, her town could be doomed.


Rebecca Stevens is terrified someone will find out. Forced to practice her growing telekinesis behind her family’s back, the sixteen-year-old mayor’s daughter knows his hard stance against the gifted would drive a rift through the community. But when she and her brother are caught in the crossfire of a late-night C-store robbery, she instinctively unleashes her skills to stop a bullet.


With her ability exposed by the gas station’s security video and the townsfolk up in arms, Rebecca flees with her family to safety. But a superhuman psycho stalker puts her loved ones at risk, and the embattled teenager fears she isn’t strong enough to prevent a horrific tragedy…


Will Rebecca find her strength in time to defend all she holds dear?


Awakening is the action-packed first book in the Gifted superhero urban fantasy series. If you like gutsy characters, spectacular talents, and epic battles, then you’ll adore John R. Sankovich’s riveting tale.


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She vowed to stay out of trouble. With her archenemy hellbent on vengeance, it’s a promise she’ll have to break…


Rebecca Stevens is just trying to keep her head down. Desperate to rescue her father from prosecution, the sixteen-year-old superhuman has agreed to not use her powers. But when her nemesis, The Collector, kidnaps her dad in revenge, she has little choice but to resume her heroics.


Trapped between the fiend’s villainous forces and the new threat of the U.S. military, Rebecca struggles to work out whose side she’s on. And with friends turning into foes, the reluctant champion fears she can’t even save her family, let alone the world.


Backed into a corner and wrestling with chaos, can the tortured teenager turn certain defeat into victory?


Omen is the captivating second book in the Gifted superhero urban fantasy series. If you like believable characters, jaw-dropping twists and turns, and thrilling edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love John R. Sankovich’s fast-paced adventure.


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Her community is once again under siege. But this time her legendary powers aren’t helping…


Rebecca Stevens longs for approval. Accepting that she can’t avoid the destiny her gifts have thrust upon her, the teenage hero still struggles with those in town who blame her for all their troubles. And when a young ally nearly dies and is orphaned in a vicious attack, she vows to bring the insanity to a halt.


Unable to track down the perpetrator, Rebecca fears her old enemy has found another way to torment her small hometown. And her only option to smoke the villain out may be to walk into the lion’s den and offer herself as bait…


Can Rebecca defeat a shadowy force that refuses to face her?


Control is the suspenseful third book in the Gifted superhero urban fantasy series. If you like determined heroines, mysterious paranormal antagonists, and emotional rollercoasters, then you’ll love John R. Sankovich’s page-turning novel.


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