Short Stories - Gifted Origins

Learn where the Gifted Characters came from.

Rebecca Stevens

Telekinesis is cool, but since Rebecca Stevens is only eleven, it's causing problems. In this short story find out where Rebecca Stevens from "Gifted: Awakening" first learns of her powers and struggles with the consequences of her first outburst. Will her parents find out? Will her brother know? What can she do with this new ability?

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In this short story find out when Blink from "Gifted: Awakening" discovered his powers.
Philip thought his life was going nowhere. While escaping from some bullies, he finds himself able to teleport. Not sure how he developed this ability he struggles with its randomness. With this newfound freedom, he discovers a whole new world, one where no one can stop him. Finding the allure of his ability, he quickly discovers that there are others who have been looking for him. Now he needs to decide whether or not to embrace his new talents.

Cole Gibson

In this short story about Cole Gibson from "Gifted: Awakening," find out how he developed his terrifying powers.
Cole Gibson has always been one to live life the way he wants to, without a care in the world. He enjoys playing with the frayed edges of the law. Now blessed with pyrokinesis, he can do things he never thought possible. Using his new ability draws the attention of an unknown force. When faced with a choice, will he choose freedom or be drawn into a new more terrifying world.

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