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Follow Rebecca's journey through a new world.


A war is brewing and sixteen-year-old Rebecca Stevens is caught in the middle. 

As the leader of Trinity continues to gain power, the Followers’ numbers grow in search of their own long lost leader. Their clash threatens to destroy the city and everyone living in it.

The mass destruction has already cost the young girl so much, now Rebecca is determined to end it all and set things right.

With her newly gifted powers and a target on her back from both sides of the enemy lines, Rebecca and her few allies are Peakside’s only hope. But her town isn't the only thing at stake. Because of her powers, her family is at risk too.

Can such a young girl master her telekinetic ability before it’s too late, or will it all come crashing down around her?



Rebecca thought she was safe. Now with The Collector seeking revenge on those who captured him, Rebecca is forced back into the life she thought she left behind. 
With the help of some new friends, she might be able to get some revenge of her own.

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